Introducing the next generation of Airvent's modular air handling units

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Generation change at Airvent

From January 2024 the Board of Directors of Airvent has appointed Michael Pataki to the position of CEO, succeeding the retiring CEO, Michael Pataki Sr, who has been an integral part of the company for over 33 years. The founding owner of Airvent will continue to monitor Airvent's strategic directions in an active role as the Chairman of the Board.

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Explore our projects and case studies including images and technical resources, demonstrating our contributions to improving indoor environments. We are committed to working with our Partners to offer optimal solutions for every unique project. Our reference list showcases the effectiveness of our products and systems, highlighting the positive outcomes and achievements of our efforts.

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Introduction to our new CA-L3 chilled beam controller. The primary function of the third-generation control unit in the Airvent CA-CB (ControlAir Chilled Beam) product package is to keep the room temperature at the predetermined value.

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Chilled beams

For comfort applications, chilled beams are one of the best solution to date, designed to simultaneously ventilate, cool and/or heat indoor spaces. The main advantages of a chilled beam system is the great thermal comfort level, silent operation, low operating cost, and the outstanding energy efficiency, specially if equipped with our third generation CA-CB controller.

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