Chilled beams

For comfort applications, chilled beams are one of the best solution to date, designed to simultaneously ventilate, cool and/or heat buildings. The main advantages of a chilled beam system is the great thermal comfort level, silent operation, low operating cost, and the outstanding energy efficiency level, specially if equipped with our third generation CA-CB controller. Airvent chilled beams – correctly designed - are able to provide an optimal indoor climate, contributing to the well-being of us all.


Active chilled beams are induction type air-conditioning units, primarily designed to ventilate, cool and/or heat buildings, where a comfortable climate and individual room control is needed. Chilled beams provide sensible cooling-heating through the closed loop water-based piping network, while the supply of ventilation air for the building occupants and humidity control is provided by the central air handling unit. Approximately 70 % of the room air-conditioning is performed by water and 30 % by the primary air. Considering the overall carbon footprint, chilled beams are one of the most cost- and energy efficient technologies on the market today. Chilled beams are designed for either integrated installation, mounted directly in suspended ceilings, or for exposed installation mounted below the ceiling.





We focus a lot on the design and execution of each detail within our chilled beams, such as the exact size and distance between the aluminum fins in the heat exchanger, or the curved aluminum frame profile for an optimized Coanda effect. We spend a lot of effort on the overall functionality and performance of each individual chilled beam, including the constant and rigorous testing in our lab in Malmö, Sweden. We test everything from air velocity and sound levels, to the capacities and throw lengths. Airvent chilled beams offer a timeless exterior design, great functionality, but more importantly a very pleasant and energy efficient indoor climate. 

ControlAir – Individual control

A few years ago we started the development of an advanced set of controls, specifically designed for chilled beams and other system products. A concept we call: ControlAir. The main purpose of ControlAir is to automatically regulate the ventilation, cooling and heating modes on chilled beams, and together with the presence detector secure an energy efficient on-demand operation. The development of ControlAir has been part of a natural and organic process to fulfill two of our most important objectives at Airvent: to assure a very comfortable indoor climate, in the most energy efficient way possible. ControlAir is now also available with SUM – Supreme Management – our easy-to-use web-based management system, designed to further reduce energy costs, while providing a comprehensive and constant visual and operational feedback of the complete HVAC system.

Benefits of waterborne products

The main advantages of chilled beam systems are the great thermal comfort levels, low operating costs, and the outstanding energy efficiency levels. Waterborne products combined with DCV (demand-controlled ventilation) functions, may result in great energy and cost savings at all levels, while ensuring highest comfort standards with a draught-free indoor environment. 


Depending on the application, waterborne products only require a fraction of the primary ventilation air, compared to traditional ventilation systems. Chilled beams use water as the energy carrier for cooling and heating. And as water is able to carry more energy compared to airborne products, we can ensure more efficient systems, optimal indoor climate, while simultaneously saving space by using smaller air ducts and air handling units. The induction principle ensures an efficient mix with the room air eliminating the risk of draught. No fans are needed, which makes the space silent and pleasant.

Well-designed standard configurations

With an extensive and practical range of standard configurations and functions, Airvent's active and passive chilled beams covers a wide spectrum of application areas. In order to achieve high production flexibility, increased quality standards and optimum product performance, we develop and build every single waterborne product in-house.

Unique engineering solutions

Airvent is known for innovative product solutions that benefits the performance of the products as well as the installers and end users. For our chilled beams, we designed specially shaped nozzles for a higher induction, which can also be supplied with an manual adjustability function, if requested. To increase comfort levels by eliminating the draught within the room, we designed special purpose aluminum profiles for an optimum coanda effect, and created individually adjustable air deflectors, that result in an evenly spread air stream.

Energy efficiency - ControlAir CA-L3

The primary function of the third-generation control unit in the Airvent CA-CB (ControlAir Chilled Beam) product package is to keep the room temperature at the predetermined value utilizing the connected room temperature sensors and water-side control valves. The Airvent CA-CB (ControlAir Chilled Beam) product package includes the CA-L3 control unit and sensors for control, and is mainly intended for (DCV) demand-controlled capabilities of the locally or zone-controlled chilled beams. 

Maintenance and installation

Because there are no moving parts or filters, chilled beams do not require any regular service. Whether chilled beams are installed in suspended ceilings or exposed, we have applied solid and flexible mounting solutions to reduce installation time.


The function is based on the well-known induction principle. The primary air from the air handling unit is injected into the plenum box within the active chilled beam, and distributed through the specially shaped nozzles. As the air is discharged through the nozzles, the high velocity air jets above the coil create a low-pressure zone. This low-pressure zone draws ambient room air through the coil, and as it passes the coil fins it is conditioned (cooled or heated), according to the water temperature flowing through the coil. The conditioned air then mixes with the air jets before it is discharged back into the occupied space. The strategic position and form of the nozzles have a major impact on the performance of the chilled beam and the sound emissions. Extensive research through CFD modeling and full-scale lab testing is invested in each Airvent chilled beam model, for an optimal performance rating.

AirFlex - adjustable air deflectors

AirFlex - adjustable air deflectors

Our chilled beams are equipped with AirFlex air deflectors, which can be manually and individually adjusted on each side of the air slots, as standard option. AirFlex allows the operator to easily adjust the direction and throw distance of the discharged conditioned air. With the fine-tuning capabilities of the AirFlex deflectors, in combination with adjustable nozzles, a highly flexible, pleasant and draught-free indoor climate is easily achieved.

ControlAir - automatic control

ControlAir is an energy saving digital control system, specifically designed to compliment our system products, such as chilled beams. All internal electrical wiring is factory connected and pre-configured before shipment. Due to its high integrity ControlAir requires minimum on-site installation work. After the power supply and signal lines have been connected, the system can be started immediately. The control system is factory pre-configured according to the customers’ requests. No on-site configuration is required, thus significantly reducing installation and commissioning costs.

StellAir - variable nozzles

Adjustable nozzles

Our chilled beams can also be supplied with adjustable nozzles, a unique, elegant and flexible feature for changing the nozzle positions on each side of the plenum box, in order to set the required airflow, without modifying the primary air pressure. With the use of a simple Allen wrench the airflow can be adjusted in multiple steps on each side of the chilled beam, by covering and uncovering the nozzles. Our patent pending solution features some very clever engineering, and was designed to stand the test of time. The requested airflow can be selected in our selection software, and is factory pre-set and can also easily be changed on-site.

SUM - Supreme management

Airvent products achieve a high energy efficiency through smart engineering, which can further be enhanced with an automatic, coherent and precise demand-controlled operation. The basic objective to achieve maximum efficiency is the continuous analysis of the constantly changing indoor and outdoor conditions. With the use of SUM the operator is able to fine-tune the settings for each room, zone or floor plan in the building. The online software logs all operation parameters of the system, and automatically controls the indoor climate accordingly. SUM also provides instant visual feedback for each individual part of the building.

Selection software

Our new online chilled beam configuration system offers an easy-to-use, intuitive, fast and high-quality software, which was specifically designed to simplify and accelerate the work of the users. The selection tool can be accessed from common web browsers, and provides accurate values, visual feedback and detailed technical data.

For more information:
Airvent chilled beam selection software

In-house heat exchanger NEM

In-house heat exchanger

It has always been important to us to control the design and production of the main technologies within our products. That is why we decided to develop machines and tools to manufacture the heat exchangers in-house. Today we have several standard versions of cooling and cooling/heating heat exchangers, which have all been designed to achieve optimal performance for each of our chilled beams.


Aluminum Coanda frame

The aluminum frame constitutes an important functional aspect of an integrated chilled beam. Through an optimally formed discharge slot the Coanda effect is maximized, providing a homogenous air distribution and a high level of thermal comfort. Our engineering team decided to develop a curved aluminum extrusion profile for the frame, which complements the exiting airflow, so the stream can smoothly be carried along the ceiling. The rounded shape of the frames not only provide an aesthetically pleasing view from beneath the product, it also helps reducing the overall weight, and increases the structural rigidity.


One of the main objectives of Airvent has always been to produce well built products, with high level of technical qualities, design and finish. This ambition has grown to become a natural part of our DNA. The refined details in our chilled beams clearly testifies to this approach.

Airvent chilled beams

OptimAir - Two-way active chilled beam designed to be integrated in suspended ceilings

Features Energy efficient high performance operation. Elegant, integrated exterior design. Requires minimum installation space. High flexibility with adjustable nozzles and AirFlex air deflectors. Silent operation

OptimAir ML2 example: Lengths: 1200-3000 mm; Pressure 100 Pa; Airflow 16–72 l/s; Water capacity (W) ΔT: 10K​ 637–2078; Air capacity (W) ΔT: 10K 182–821; Total capacity (W)​ 819–2899

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PremiAir - Four-way active chilled beam designed to be integrated in suspended ceilings

Features Energy efficient high performance operation. Elegant, integrated exterior design. Requires minimum installation space. High flexibility with adjustable nozzles and AirFlex air deflectors. Silent operation.

PremiAir HC: Lengths: 600-1800 mm; Airflow 12-89 l/s; Pressure 100 Pa; Water capacity (W) ΔT: 10K​ 387-1919; Air capacity (W) ΔT: 10K 137-1017; Total capacity (W)​ 515-2934

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FreeAir - Two-way active chilled beam designed for exposed installation

Features Energy efficient high performance operation. Elegant, integrated exterior design. Requires minimum installation space. High flexibility with AirFlex air deflectors. Silent operation,

FreeAir: Lengths 1500-3000 mm; Airflow 14-48 l/s; Pressure 100 Pa; Water capacity (W) ΔT: 10K​ 627-1817; Air capacity (W) ΔT: 10K 160-547; Total capacity (W)​ 787-2364

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CornerAir - One-way active chilled beam designed for exposed installation

Features Energy efficient high performance operation. Elegant exterior design. Low product height. High flexibility with AirFlex air deflectors. Silent operation.

CornerAir: Length 1500-3000 mm; Airflow 10-35 l/s; Pressure 100 Pa; Water capacity (W) ΔT: 10K​ 357-970; Air capacity (W) ΔT: 10K 114-399; Total capacity (W)​ 471-1369

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HotelAir - One-way active chilled beam designed to be integrated in suspended ceilings

Features Specifically developed for applications in hotel rooms. Energy efficient high performance operation. Elegant, integrated exterior design. Aluminum supply air grille. Perforated return grille. Silent operation.

HotelAir: Lengths 600-1200 mm; Airflow 9-41 l/s; Pressure 100 Pa; Water capacity (W) ΔT: 10K​ 386-1038; Air capacity (W) ΔT: 10K 103-467; Total capacity (W)​ 489-1505

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WallAir - One-way active chilled beam designed for wall installations

Features Specifically developed for wall installations. Energy efficient high performance operation. Elegant, integrated exterior design. Aluminum front grille. Silent operation.

WallAir: Lengths 600-1200 mm; Airflow 9-41 l/s; Pressure 100 Pa; Water capacity (W) ΔT: 10K​ 288-829; Air capacity (W) ΔT: 10K 103-467; Total capacity (W)​ 391-1296

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PassiveAir - Passive chilled beam designed for exposed free-hanging installation

Features Energy efficient high performance operation. Elegant exterior design. Suspended installation. Silent operation..

Lenght 1200-3600 mm; Capacity (W/m) ΔT: 10K 50-455

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Installation and maintenance

Suspension and installation

The length and width of our chilled beams are designed to fit in most T-grid ceiling grids. The units are delivered with factory mounted suspension elements, which are adjustable, if required. Upon request, optional seismic brackets are available to meet local seismic building codes.


The perforated front plate of the active chilled beam can swing down allowing easy access to the coil for a periodic inspection of dust accumulation. The plenum box and the heat exchanger can easily be cleaned using a vacuum cleaner with a longhaired brush. The front panels and parts that are out of reach for the vacuum cleaner can be wiped off with a soft cloth. If required, a mild neutral cleaning detergent can be used. The electrical parts have to be maintained in accordance with the relevant prescriptions. The points of connection/shock protection and the functional ability of the components must be checked. The maintenance interval may vary depending on how well and regularly the building is cleaned. Initially, an inspection every 6 months is recommended. The intervals can be extended should the coils show little or no dust accumulations.


Fields of application

OptimAir for conference applications; PremiAir for restaurant locations; CornerAir for office applications; PremiAir for public locations; OptimAir for office applications; HotelAir for hotel applications.


Emporia Shopping Center

Emporia, scandinavias largest shopping center in Malmö, Sweden, inaugurated in 2012 stategically near the acclaimed bridge connecting Sweden with Denmark. Airvent supplied over 2000 active chilled beams of PremiAir and OptimAir type, manufactured at our production plant in Kecskemét, Hungary.

Airrail Center Frankfurt

In 2010 we supplied 590 units of a specially designed passive chilled beam, the PassiveAir to the 660 m long Frankfurt Airrail Center, also known as "Squaire", housing both the train station, a shopping center and office complex.