Public and commercial buildings

Today, most new public buildings are designed to reach the highest energy rating levels possible, that ought to guarantee both economical operation and a comfortable, well ventilated facility throughout the year for decades to come. This is only achievable with creative solutions that enhance the functionality and capabilities of the air-conditioning and ventilation systems, whilst reducing energy consumption by continuously adapting to the indoor and outdoor conditions.

Today, despite the growing demand for sustainable and energy efficient solutions, the air-conditioning and ventilation systems in a significant number of public buildings still do not take into consideration the frequent change of the internal and external temperatures and conditions, and provide constant air volume ventilation, independent of the actual demand. Recent analysis of the utilization in public buildings, offices, schools, etc. states that the (daytime) occupancy maxes out around 80%, with the average being between 45-60%. A properly designed, but not coherently and automatically controlled HVAC system, is therefore operating inefficiently for most of the year.

For an efficient and demand-based operation of any ventilation system, a completely automated control system is required with clear optimizing functions, in order to adapt to the constantly changing indoor and outdoor conditions. Our objective is to provide the perfect indoor climate, at the right place, and at the right time, as well as reduce the ventilation intensity, when the locations are not in use. By taking the multiple decades of experience in developing and manufacturing traditional HVAC products, we have created innovative, demand-controlled hardware and software solutions that seamlessly integrates with our HVAC products. With Airvent’s A+ automation solution, we are able to respond and adapt to these requirements.

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