Custom products

Since our foundation, design and production of custom products has always been an important and integral part in our philosophy. The structure of our teams and production plants includes the necessary flexibility and know-how to produce specially designed standard-like ventilation and air-conditioning products, fulfilling the exact requirements of our partners. Our experienced design engineers and sales team guides our customers through the complete process, from providing initial CAD drawings, to the production of the final product.

Special designs

Contemporary architecture, with carefully designed and executed interiors, often require ventilation and air-conditioning solutions that adapts to the technical requirements of the mechanical engineers, as well as the aesthetics of the architects and interior designers. When off-the-shelf ventilation solutions do not fit the interiors, Airvent's experienced product design team are well prepared to tackles such challenges. We make sure each detail is taken in consideration for the custom application, so the products blend in or stand-out, whatever the request.


An innovative supply air diffuser equipped with an on-board air volume controller, which was custom-designed and manufactured by Airvent for the Tele2 Arena, a retractable roof multi-purpose stadium located in Stockholm, Sweden.


ArenaJet is an industrial diffuser with an integrated air volume controller, able to supply a variable airflow up to 16.000 m³/h. ArenaJet is able to provide either a short-wide or long-narrow throw length, depending on the angle of the deflector blades positioned inside the unit, which are actively rotating on their axis, supplying the necessary airflow, according to the demand.

Fields of application

The ArenaJet supply air diffuser is 800 mm in diameter and was designed for large spaces, such as arenas, where airflow flexibility and low noise levels are required. With this remarkable and innovative product, we manage to achieve a great flexibility, where the throw length range varies between 20 and 70 m.

FanCoil Shelf

Custom-designed air conditioning unit, that easily blends into any work environment. 


Airvent engineers accomplished to design a fan-coil unit, which doubles as a bookshelf. The FanCoil Shelf easily blends in any open workspace or other locations, where active demand-controlled cooling is required. The design of the unit includes a changeable filter section, a demand-controlled EC fan and a cooling coil, which are located in the bottom part of the shelf. The recirculated air from the room enters the perforated grille on the bottom of the unit and re-enters the room through the slot opening on the top.

Fields of application

The FanCoil Shelf is a optimal solution for applications, where demand-controlled cooling is required but standard ventilation and cooling solutions are not possible, due to the buildings physical restrictions. We designed the unit without having to compromise on comfort. The conditioned air enters the room through the slot on the top of the FanCoil Shelf and flows towards and across the ceiling, before re-entering through the perforated grille, located on the lower part of the unit.


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