Industrial applications

We provide custom and standard ventilation and air-conditioning solutions for factories, production plants, machine rooms, and agricultural facilities. Carefully chosen systems and products are available for each individual operating environment, with a large focus on reliability, safety and energy efficiency.

We have a wide range of robust HVAC solutions for the special demands required in industrial and agricultural applications. With Airvent's demand-controlled software and hardware solutions we are able to adapt and automate the system operation, to best suit the technological and indoor climate needs in the specific facility, such as airflow-, pressure-, temperature- and humidity control, etc. We are also able to save energy in indirect ways, by e.g. efficiently utilising the waste heat sources already available in the plant. We also offer multiple solutions for projects that requires clean supply air, ranging from air handling units with special coating and/or higher corrosion class materials, as well as multiple levels of filtering throughout the system.

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Air handling units

Our flexible Plex air handling unit series with the integrated turn-key CA-Plex control solution, were specifically designed to play an integral part in demand-controlled ventilation and air-conditioning systems. Learn more →

Industrial air diffusers

We offer multiple air distribution solutions for locations that require high ventilation intensity. Airvent's industrial supply air diffusers are very flexible, and are all capable of ventilating large indoor premises with a great efficiency, reaching the occupied area with the supply air stream, without causing draft.
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Displacement ventilation solutions

Displacement air diffusers are an optimal solution for buildings with larger spaces, that require high airflows, at a low sound level and low air velocity, such as industrial buildings and manufacturing plants. 
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