In today's modern buildings, fresh and healthy indoor air quality is really important, both for the building itself, but most importantly for its habitants. Due to increased airtightness of building material, insulation, windows and so forth, natural ventilation will only reach insufficient levels of 10-20% of the required fresh air volume. As human beings, we require fresh oxigen all day, even when we are indoors.

It is not recommended solving the ventilation demand, by opening windows in our homes. The advantages of thick wall insulation, high quality doors and windows will be lost. In addition, due to the continuous deterioration of outdoor air quality and the spread of allergic diseases, opening windows often does more harm than good, specially in the dense cities we live in today. Therefore, in order to provide a healthy indoor climate, modern houses and apartments require mechanical ventilation. Airvent offers a wide range of residential air handling units that are able to provide comfortable indor climate for your home. Installing a centralized ventilation unit is an optimal solution for supplying comfortable fresh air, while exhausting the used indoor air. Airvent's air handling unit are all equipped with efficient heat recovery, high grade filters and an integrated plug&play automatic control system, which helps keeping the operation cost down, and saves energy.

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