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Customer support


Our creative, customer-centric engineers and sales team have a primary objective: providing guidance to our existing and new partners, and sharing their knowledge and experience concerning Airvent's products and systems.

At Airvent, we possess extensive and diverse knowledge essential for the design of ventilation systems. With years of experience, our expertise becomes an ideal support for your project. Our aim is simple: to guide and help our partners in the planning, product selection, quotation and ordering processes, ultimately ensuring satisfied customers.

Whenever you require technical support, our team is readily available to assist you.


A large part of our products is now available through the MagiCAD database. MagiCAD Cloud grants access to the world’s largest BIM database where there are more than 1 000 000 verified BIM objects from around 280 manufacturers worldwide, supporting the work of MEP designers. Airvent’s database contains of 234 different products with over 12,000 variations. Our range of products in the MagiCAD database consists of: supply and extract air diffusers, sound attenuators, air volume controllers, transfer units. MagiCAD Airvent database →

Selection software

Our collection of software applications include the technical data of our standard products. By providing the basic values required for the calculations, our apps provide accurate output data, including acoustic levels, throw lengths, pressure drops, cooling and heating capacities, and other necessary values that supports the design process of our products. These digital selection tools provide detailed readings, visual feedback and precise technical data. Airvent selection software page →


Contact us!

Please feel free to contact your the Airvent office nearest to you! We will help You to find the right solution personalized for you. You can find our contacts under the Contact us page →