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Servita Square Building

The Szervita Square Building in downtown Budapest was completed in late 2020. The modern 7-storey building is a mixed-use, LEED Platinum certified sustainable commercial building, offering retail and office spaces, as well as luxury residential units of 12,500 sqm. With Airvent's flexible MultiPlex air handling units supplying over 165,000 m³ / h of airflow, superb conditions for comfort ventilation and indoor climate can be guaranteed. The 15 units are positioned on five different levels of the underground garage with 3 units per level, all housed in separate engine rooms.

Katona József National Theater

The Katona József National Theater in Kecskemét is made virus-free and safe for both spectators and the company by our UV-C FiltAir air sterilization unit. The units are located in the service rooms (reception, corridor, buffet), in the auditorium and even on stage. Furthermore, thanks to their effective sound attenuation they clean the air extremely quietly.

Valeo Auto-Electric Hungary

The new 1,500 square meter production area of ​​Valeo is characterized by the typical large inner height of halls, which can be ventilated with our winter / summer industrial diffusers. Our recommendations included our improved NRA diffuser, which is set automatically by thermo actuator. 

Gergely Csiky Theater

The opening ceremony held in November 2019 revealed the expanded Gergely Csiky Theater building, an iconic part of Kaposvár (Hungary), which had undergone major renovations. Due to the renovation restrictions of the historical building, the project offered a great challenge to both designers and contractors during the construction of the ventilation and air-conditioning system.

Hachapuri Georgian Restaurant

The specialty of the Hachapuri Georgian Restaurant in downtown Budapest is that the restaurant section has an open kitchen with grill and pizza door. The arched design of the dining hall had to be preserved - any mechanical equipment would have looked out of place, so both the ventilation and the cooling had to be solved by air.

Atlas Copco Production Hall

During the expansion of the industrial compressor manufacturer Atlas Copco, it was decided to replace the former roof fans (with adiabatic humidification cooling system), since the cooling process stopped frequently due to the saturation of the air. Our recommendation for providing tempered fresh air was Rooftops with heat pump and heat recovery.

Vitamin Factory

We assisted in the modernization of the ventilation and air-conditioning system of a vitamin factory, where we participated in the project support from the design phase. Airvent was tasked with finding a solution for fresh air handling of 16 individual production cabin.

Airrail Center Frankfurt

In 2010 we supplied 590 units of a specially designed passive chilled beam, the PassiveAir to the 660 m long Frankfurt Airrail Center, also known as "Squaire", housing the train station, a shopping center as well as an office complex.

Tele2 Arena

The Tele2 Arena is a multi-purpose stadium with a retractable roof, located in Stockholm, Sweden. Airvent designed and manufactured a custom-built 800 mm diameter industrial jet diffuser, which is able to supply a variable airflow up to 16.000 m³/h, at a remarkable low noise level of 30 dB (A). 

Emporia Shopping Center

In 2012, Emporia (Scandinavia's largest shopping center) opened its gates in Malmö - near the acclaimed bridge connecting Sweden with Denmark. Airvent supplied over 2000 active chilled beams of PremiAir and OptimAir type, manufactured at our production plant in Kecskemét, Hungary.

Family Hotel

Family Hotel is a hotel located in Balástya, Hungary, equipped with a full-fledged kitchen, a restaurant, a lobby and 65 guest rooms. Airvent designed and delivered a complete series of demand-controlled ventilation and air-conditioning products to ensure a comfortable and energy efficent indoor climate.

DEAC Sports Hall

DEAC is the official athletic sports center of the University of Debrecen in Hungary. Airvent supplied several MultiPlex air handling units among other products to ventilate the arena, viewing area, cafeteria and locker rooms. Due to the constantly changing occupation rates in the building, demand-controlled ventilation was required for the energy efficient operation of the ventilation and air-conditioning system.

Pannon Vegetable Oil Factory

In december 2011 we delivered 28 pieces of multifunctional CHGT/4-800 F400 type of fan placed in attenuator box for the Pannon Vegetable Oil factory, Hungary. Their main function was to extract fume (400°C) for 2 hours, beside the normal extraction of air (40°C) or supply of air.

Origo Film Group

In 2012 Airvent manufactured and supplied over 30 units of 2000x2000x2000 mm sized RB210 rectangular sound attenuator to the Origo Film Group. The main function of these silencers was to decrease the more than 70 dB of the sound levels of the installed air handling units.

Maxon Motor

For the 3.000 m² expansion of Maxon Motor's production plant in Veszprém, Hungary, Airvent was selected to deliver 200 pieces of active chilled beams for ventilation and air-conditioning, in order to ensure a comfortable indoor climate in the production hall, offices and meeting rooms.

Hospital in Hódmezővásárhely

Reducing the concentration of microorganisms and preventing their appearance can be solved by installing special filters, increasing the amount of supply fresh air and providing efficient diffusers for the precise control of the airflow direction within the clean rooms.