Selection software

Our collection of software applications include the technical data of our standard products. By providing the basic values required for the calculations, our apps provide accurate output data, including acoustic levels, throw lengths, pressure drops, cooling and heating capacities, and other necessary values that supports the design process of our products. These digital selection tools provide detailed readings, visual feedback and precise technical data.


Airvent chilled beam selection tool 

Our online chilled beam selection tool is an easy-to-use, intuitive, fast and high-quality software, which we developed to facilitate and speed up the design process for our customers. Available for desktops, notebooks and tablets.

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Chilled beam selection tool

The web application includes the technical data of our standard active chilled beams. By providing the basic values needed for the calculations, the software computes cooling and heating capacities, pressure drops and other necessary values that supports the design process.

Compatibility: Browser based web app
Registration: Registration is required for use
Languages: English (and three more)
Measurements: SI and imperial

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