Vitamin Factory

We assisted in the modernization of the ventilation and air-conditioning system of a vitamin factory, where we participated in the project support from the design phase. Airvent was tasked with finding a solution for fresh air handling of 16 individual production cabin. Firstly, we provided a complete ventilation system for four drying cabins in the hall, and after the successful installation, the second phase promised an even bigger task: we delivered the ventilation system of 16 15-square-meter cabins, which included one SimPlex air handling unit, chiller and several displacement diffusers per cabin. The ventilation of all cabins are fully automated, with the central communication unit being the CA-Plex controller of the air handling unit.

Project data sheet




Vitamin factory

Type of building

Production hall




MultiPlex and SimPlex air handling units, chillers, and displacement units.

Vitamin Factory
Vitamin Factory