New Technical Director and Competence Center at Airvent

New Technical Director and Competence Center at Airvent

As of January 2021 László Pintér has been appointed technical director at Airvent, a role that will also include heading Airvent’s newly established Competence Center. With the new organizational structure, András Mikó, managing director, aims to unite and integrate the various product teams at Airvent, creating better flows from product development, production processes to education, marketing and after-sales. The Competence Center will also be responsible for processing customer and market feedback, as well as expanding product documentations to include all technical data and marketing materials necessary. Furthermore, László will continue to supervise Airvent’s after-sales team.

László has played a key role in Airvent’s success in the past 13 years. Thanks to his comprehensive work on the chilled beam and VAV control system ControlAir, the integrated AHU automatic control platform CA-Plex, and the ventilation management software SUM, he has been able to make Airvent’s products smarter, more energy efficient and user friendly.

Because of László’s broad interests, he has acquired extensive knowledge in building engineering and HVAC systems in addition to already being an expert in the field of electrical engineering. László’s experience, knowledge, management skills and dedication have earned the trust of the owners and board of directors, who are confident that László will continue to be successful in his new role, leading Airvent to new highs in terms of customer satisfaction – our most important metric.

András Mikó, managing director