Circular commissioning damper

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Circular commissioning damper


The SPA circular commissioning damper is applicable in both supply and exhaust systems. The air volume is controlled by an adjustable damper blade that can either be regulated manually or with an actuator. The motorized version is available in 24V and 230V as well as, in an open-close alternative with a spring-return motor. The damper blade of the manually adjustable version can be screwed on after adjustment. The actuator is placed on an actuator shelf, so that the SPA can be thermally insulated with insulation up to 50 mm thickness.


Ø80 - 630 mm
The size of the duct-side connection for the air volume controller.

Airflow range

24 - 935 l/s at 3 m/s
See the diagrams below for further information.

Material & finish

Casing and damper blades of galvanized sheet steel. Manual regulating lever in Polystyrene.
Rubber sealing around the air connections.

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