Gergely Csiky Theater

The opening ceremony held in November 2019 revealed the expanded Csiky Gergely Theater building, an iconic part of Kaposvár (Hungary), which had undergone major renovations. Due to the renovation restrictions of the historical building, the project offered a great challenge to both designers and contractors during the construction of the ventilation and air-conditioning system. The 9000 m² three-play building has a new lobby, a large hall for 450, a hall for 150 and a studio for 50 people. Our AltiPlex and MultiPlex air handling units provide clean air and comfortable indoor climate in the building at all times. Comfort ventilation in the newly built lobby and wardrobe is provided by our PRQX ceiling diffusers, wall mounted DR and E5 exhaust air grilles, and DUS floor diffusers are installed underneath the rows of seats.

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Kaposvár - Hungary


Gergely Csiky Theater

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AltiPlex and MultiPlex air handling units, fire dampers,
PRQX diffusers with TLS connection boxes, E5 and DH grilles for exhaust,
VIG and DUS displacement units.

Gergely Csiky Theater
Gergely Csiky Theater
Gergely Csiky Theater