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Solar panel installation on the roof of the new Airvent Competence Center building

In early 2021, the inception of the Competence Center marked a significant milestone in Airvent's journey. This center was established with a clear purpose in mind – to bring together and integrate Airvent's diverse product teams under one unified umbrella. The objective was to foster a seamless flow of information across multiple domains, spanning from product development and production processes to education, marketing, and after-sales support.

The Competence Center acts as a centralized hub where knowledge and experience from various departments intertwine. This convergence fuels innovation, enabling cross-functional teams to work in synergy and leverage their collective strengths. The result is a more integrated approach to problem-solving, efficient decision-making processes, and a higher level of adaptability to evolving market demands. The team is also responsible for proper documentation and process developments – to obtain necessary certifications, processing customer and market feedback, as well as expanding product documentations to include all technical data and marketing materials necessary.

The Competence Center: A Hub of Innovation and Sustainability

The upcoming inauguration of the Competence Center building at Airvent's location in Kecskemét marks a significant milestone. This center serves as a testament to the importance we place on fostering collaboration and advancing product development. It brings together previously dispersed working groups under one roof and boasts a state-of-the-art laboratory equipped to facilitate groundbreaking innovations.

At Airvent, sustainability and energy-efficient solutions are at the core of our values and practices. This commitment is evident in the design and construction of the Competence Center building. To minimize our environmental impact, we have installed a robust 68kWp solar panel system. This system will effectively cover the electricity consumption of both the office building and the laboratory for a significant portion of the year. By harnessing the power of the sun, we aim to reduce our carbon footprint while ensuring a reliable and sustainable energy source.

Our dedication to sustainability extends beyond renewable energy. We prioritize the well-being of our employees by creating an optimal indoor environment with superior air quality and a high level of comfort. To achieve this, we employ demand-controlled ventilation, cooling, and heating systems complemented by heat pumps and freecooling technology. This comprehensive approach not only enhances the working conditions for our team but also aligns with our mission to provide a secure and stable workplace in the face of uncertain energy situations and fluctuating prices.

As part of our long-term vision, we are actively modernizing all our facilities and production processes, aiming to eliminate the use of natural gas-powered equipment. Through these innovations, coupled with our commitment to sustainable practices, we aim to establish a forward-thinking and environmentally conscious workplace. Additionally, we have plans to establish a local solar plant to generate a significant portion of the electricity needed to power the Kecskemét site, further reducing our reliance on external energy sources.

The Competence Center not only symbolizes our dedication to innovation but also embodies our commitment to sustainable development. By combining collaborative workspaces, advance technical laboratories, and environmentally friendly practices, we are creating a future-forward environment that embraces both progress and the well-being of our employees.