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The UV-C FiltAir air sterilizer unit developed by Airvent offers a simple and effective solution for the elimination of airborne viruses

Ultraviolet-C Radiation

The mechanism of disinfection is based on ultraviolet radiation: UV-C radiation is electromagnetic radiation in the range of 200–280 nanometers, which is smaller than visible light but has a longer wavelength than X-rays. This radiation has a germicidal effect: microorganisms (viruses, bacteria, molds) exposed to UV-C light become inactive in seconds.

UV Ultraviolet light; IR Infrared light; Szem Visible light; λ Wavelenght
The optimal wavelength of UV-C radiation for maximum sterilizing effect is 253,7 nm.

Ultraviolet-C Radiation

01Phase One

The unit performs mechanical separation in the first phase of the operation: the efficient (type M6) air filter removes the majority of solid contaminants.

02Phase Two

In the second phase, the UV-C radiation kills the pathogens that have passed through the filter.

Airborne Viruses

In the case of Covid-19, airborne infection has been clearly confirmed. Pathogens can not only be transferred by large water droplets formed during coughing and sneezing, but also by fine vapor released into the air during exhalation. One of the main characteristics of aerosol - containing fine particles - is that it remains floating in the air for several hours. Therefore, it is recommended for everyone to wear a mask.

A way to partially prevent airborne viruses entering our bodies is to wear excellent quality masks which are usually not only very expensive but also uncomfortable. Furthermore, it has been shown that infections can also enter the human body through the eyes, not just the mouth and nose.

It is evident that decreasing the number of pathogens in the air could significantly improve the situation.

Without air sterilization

During speech and exhalation, mixtures of droplets and aerosols leaving the body in different particle sizes can float up to 8 meters from the point of exhalation and survive for hours in an enclosed space, allowing infectious pathogens to spread through the air.

With UV-C FiltAir air sterilizer

During operation, the UV-C FiltAir device, developed by Airvent, practically inactivates (99.99%) all the pathogens in a single movement of the room air*.

*The efficiency of UV-C FiltAir has been proven under laboratory conditions Texas Research International Inc. Laboratory Test Report: Bioaerosol Removal Efficiency

UV-C FiltAir ikon

The efficiency of Airvent’s UV-C FiltAir device has been tested under laboratory conditions. The tests showed that by circulating the air of the room just once the device kills almost all (99,99%) of airborne bacterial and viral pathogens examined*.

Using decades of experience in ventilation, designing and manufacturing, Airvent has perfected the first prototype which is now ready for serial production so that it can help in the fight against COVID-19. The device can help increase the protection of those most exposed to the infection in the current virus situation. Furthermore, once the crisis is over, it can help prevent other potential airborne infections. Considering that it is equally effective in filtering out airborne allergens, its use can help relieve the symptoms of allergies too.

*Texas Research International Inc. Laboratory Test Report: Bioaerosol Removal Efficiency. (1993. oct. 8.)

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Air sterilization with other devices

One disadvantage of the majority other air sterilizers available on the market is the inability to provide an ideal airflow to thoroughly sterilize the air in the living space. Often, due to their short design and low airflows, these products only sterilize a small portion of the room, mainly the air surrounding the product itself.

Air sterilization with UV-C FiltAir devices

Thanks to its narrow, tower-like design, the UV-C FiltAir provides ideal airflow, drawing in the room air at the bottom of the unit and and supplying cleaned air back into the room on the top, using the ceiling for circulation and coanda effect. This motion, together with the well defined nominal airflows allows for a thorough sterilization of the entire room air and ensures an air change rate of up to 5 times per hour.

UV-C Disinfecting

The UV-C FiltAir air sterilizer unit developed by Airvent offers a simple and effective solution for the elimination of airborne viruses. The unit performs mechanical separation in the first phase of the operation: the air filter removes solid contaminants, and in the second phase, the UV-C radiation kills the pathogens that have passed through the filter. UV-C radiation is within the short wavelength range of natural light. When applied correctly it acts as a safe and highly efficient disinfectant as the short wavelength ultra violet radiation of 253,7 nm damages the pathogens’ DNA thus prevents them from infecting any further. The bacteria, viruses and fungi spores exposed to UV-C light die, however inactivating various pathogens requires different doses of UV-C light. By applying the right UV-C light source a sterilizing rate of 99,99% can be reached.

Other Effects of UV-C Radiation

There is no ozone formation: short wavelength UV-C radiation (180-200 nm) transforms the oxygen of the air into ozone, which, although above a certain level of concentration is toxic, can be useful in small doses which is why it is often used in deodorant appliances. Airvent’s UV-C FiltAir’s fluorescent tubes emit light in the wavelength of 253.7 nm, as a result the possibility of ozone formation is zero.

Effects on health: UV-C radiation damages the skin and can cause blindness. Thanks to the design - locked cabinet - the UV-C rays remain inside the unit and the human body is not directly exposed.

Product Features

Thanks to its special design:

  • Requires minimum space.

  • The aesthetically pleasing apperance allows it to blend into any enviroment.

  • By circulating the room’s air, it effeciently sterilizes it.

  • Operates silently thanks to the eneregy-efficient EC fans.

  • Easy to undertake maintenance work on it.

  • The cover is easy to clean - painted with epoxy powder coating (C4 corrosion class).


Some of the advantages of Airvent’s UV-C FiltAir compared to other air sterilizers:

  • The unit can inactivate the pathogens that have passed through the filter. The process does not create harmful byproducts.

  • Due to the efficient filtering and UV-C radiation, the cleaned air leaving the unit is practically free of pathogens.

  • Unlike other UV-C emitters (used in medical environments), which do not allow people to stay in the room during use, Airvent’s FiltAir air sterilizer is optically closed which makes it possible to use in doctors’ offices, waiting rooms, hospital patient rooms.

  • Creates favourable air movements, pushing the airborne particles downward and continuously circulating and cleaning the room’s air without creating whirls.


01 Intake

An inlet positioned at floor level ensures that the air in the living area is constantly directed downwards, minimizing the amount of exhaled contaminations in the occupied zone.

Operation 02

02 Filtering

The ePM10 70% fine filter separates particles larger than 4 micrometers of the passing air, before entering the closed-space UV-C reactor area.


Operation 03

03 Sterilization

The UV reactor sterilizes even the smallest remaining particles with UV-C radiation.

Operation 04

04 Exhaust

The cleaned air is returned to the space along the ceiling, thus ensuring that the air in the room is kept in constant motion.


The FiltAir is painted white or anthracite colors

White version
Anthracite version


We recommend using Airvent’s UV-C FiltAir sterilizer unit in the following environments.

Waiting rooms, patient rooms
Doctors’ offices

IkonBeauty & Cosmetics​
Hairdressing salons
Beauty salons
Other service rooms

Food stores
Clothing stores
Technical stores
Other retail stores

Hotels, Motels
Cafés, pastry shops

Halls, lounges
Conference rooms

Schools, high schools, universities
Nurseries, kindergartens

Yoga studios
Locker rooms

IkonExhibition rooms
Meeting rooms
Customer service areas
Halls, lounges
Waiting rooms

UV-C FiltAir

The UV-C FiltAir air sterilizer unit developed by Airvent offers a simple and effective solution for the elimination of airborne viruses. Learn more →