Ceiling diffuser with HEPA filter

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Ceiling diffuser with HEPA filter


Diffuser unit for high-purity air spaces with a circular air duct connection, a high filtration efficiency HEPA filter with sealed clamping frame, and two pressure drop measurement points for checking the cleanliness of the filter. The filter can be mounted or replaced from below. The even distribution and the laminar flow of high-purity air is ensured by a perforated front specially designed for this application. 
The diffuser is suitable for air distribution in clean rooms and laboratories. 

Suggested max. ∆t: 5°C

Upon request the product is available with special dimensions and fully perforated front. 


The diffuser is made of steel sheet, powder coated inside and outside in RAL9003-30% white color.
Filter: H13 HEPA filter as a standard. 

Standard sizes


Airflow range

See the diagrams below for further information.

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