Wall supply air diffuser with rotatable nozzles

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Wall supply air diffuser with rotatable nozzles


The BRD is a supply air diffuser equipped with rotatable nozzles for wall applications. The unit is best suitable for comfort ventilation. BRD consists of a front diffuser panel with plastic nozzles that can be rotated in 360°. The diffuser is mounted directly into the airduct or a commissioning box (BRL), that can be ordered separately and operates with a draught-free air distribution, at a low noise level. The easy rotation of the polypropylene nozzles results in a flexible air distribution. BRD can be mounted with S control damper which can be ordered separately.
Recommended max. ∆t: -10°C

Main features

- Rotatable polypropylene nozzles
- Easily adjustable flow direction
- Aesthetic appearance
- Draught-free, silent operation
- Excellent ventilation efficiency
- Easy to mount

Standard sizes


Airflow range

20 - 75 m³/h (6-21 l/s)


The front diffuser panel and the frame of BRD is made of sheet steel. The unit is powder coated in RAL 9003 white colour.
Rotatable nozzles in Polypropylene.

Optional accessories

- BRL commissioning box 
- RAM - Mounting frame into which the diffuser panel can be fixed with clips

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