There are three main objectives to take in consideration when designing a HVAC system for hotels, dormitories and other wellness centers: The number one priority is to provide a highly comfortable indoor climate for the guests and hotel staff. The system should be cost- and energy efficient, and flexibly adapt to the constantly changing indoor and outdoor circumstances. And last but not least, the system has to preserve the building and its interior.

How often have we been situated in our hotel rooms, trying to adjust the wall thermostat to heat or cool the room to our likings? The temperature either becomes too cold, too warm, or we sense an immediate draft, hear the noise from the fans, which has a direct effect on our sleep and overall comfort. The experience is often far from great. With constantly changing occupation rates in hotels, it very difficult to predict and provide the right amount of fresh air and temperature to satisfy all guests.

With Airvent's demand-controlled solutions, we are able to flexibly, efficiently and precisly provide the right indoor climate for the guests, independently from the outdoor conditions and internal loads and demand. With SUM, our ventilation management Web App, developed by the in-house software team at Airvent, we are also able to provide a birdseye view for the operators of the hotel, who are then able to monitor each room and each setting, fine-tuning temperatures, airflows and the humidiy to enhance the overall experience of the guest.

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