Air grille with adjustable horizontal fins

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Air grille with adjustable horizontal fins


The DR grille is a supply and exhaust diffuser with individually adjustable horizontal aluminum fins. The DR grille is suitable for most premises.
Mounting can be done with clip-ons or hidden screws. Standard grilles kept on stock, up to sizes with area of 0,12 m² will be delivered with clip-ons. For custom-orders, up to 0,2 m² the grilles can be delivered with either clip ons or hidden screws. For ceiling installation, or together with control damper the use of hidden screws is recommended. Mounting the grille together with a plenum box is only possible with clips and without mounting frame.

Standard sizes

See our downloadable catalog.

Optional accessories

  • R mounting frame
  • S control damper
  • DLK commissioning box (for supply air)
  • FLK commissioning box (for exhaust air)


Airflow ranges

40 - 1.430 m³/h (10 - 400 l/s)

Material & finish

Aluminum frame and aluminum fins electrostatically powder coated with white RAL 9003.


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