Air handling units

Our Plex air handling unit series, equipped with the new generation CA-Plex automatic controller was designed to play an integral part in demand-controlled ventilation and air-conditioning systems. The main target in the development process was to use a wide range of creative engineering solutions, while preserving the excellent quality and reliable characteristics that Airvent products are known for.


As always the main focus of our design team was to create a product line that includes a variety of solutions that are valuable to our customers. One of our innovations we are really proud of is EasyLink. This is a patented assembly solution, for a simple and elegant way of connecting or disconnecting the sections of the Plex air handling units, without having to enter the modules. This is one of many solutions we believe our customers will appreciate, due to the really short installation time on site. We have also partnered with the most reliable fan and heat recovery suppliers to be sure that Plex is in compliance with present and future energy-saving regulations and quality requirements. We provide all our standard air handling units with silent fans, equipped with speed controlled EC motors.

The most important and unique characteristics of Plex air handling units:

  • Airflow range from 1200 to 30000 m³/h
  • Airvent designed aluminum profile framework, connected with aluminum corners.
  • Aluzink coated double wall panel casing with insulation.
  • Panel thickness ranging from 30 to 55 mm.
  • EasyLink. A revolutionary and patented, easy-to-use module assembly system
  • New generation Airvent CA-Plex automatic control with integrated smart functions and a
    touch-sensitive display
  • DUAL, a special hinge-handle, which enables the inspection panels of the unit to be opened in either direction, or to be removed by opening the handles on both sides of the door
  • Rotary, counterflow or coil heat recovery system with high efficiency
  • Direct driven, energy efficient plug fans with variable speed regulation and low SFP value (kW/m³/s)
  • Plex Selection. A calculation program for dimensioning and selecting our air handling units, which provides accurate values and detailed technical data of the whole range (ErP 2018 ready)
  • We gladly assist our clients by helping them select the most suitable unit type and size by providing technical consultancy
  • Fast and flexible service team for customer support

Airflow ranges

Zöld Nominal airlflow at 0,5–2,4 m/s air velocity
Kék Nominal airlflow at 2–3 m/s air velocity
Piros Nominal airlflow at 3–4 m/s air velocity
R Rectangular cross-section
Q Square cross-section

Plex airflow diagram

CA-Plex automatic control

The regulation of Plex air handling units are performed with our new generation CA-Plex integrated automatic control system. To save heating and cooling energy, the temperature can be regulated with heat recovery control. The air volume is measured on the supply and extract air sides and it is easy to set. The CA-Plex controller manages the control of external units (cooling units, pumps, etc.) as well. The control system can be connected to Modbus, BACnet or LON building management systems and can be ordered optionally with a handheld or wall-mounted LCD display control terminal. Besides the local remote control, the web interface also enables to record operation data and to obtain statistics. The CA-Plex automatic control is an integrated hardware and software solution designed specifically to adapt to Airvent's demand-controlled solutions, for a comprehensive ventilation and climate management, which leads to signifcant energy savings.


CA-Plex air handling unit control has both manual and automatic operation modes. In case of manual operation mode, it operates continuously according to the selected settings. In automatic operation mode, the intermittent operation of the air handling device can be set by means of the programmable time switch clock.

Water heating/cooling coil

Cooling and heating is controlled by 0-10V valve actuator signal, with option of chiller start signal output for the cooling. Active frost-protection based on the measurements s of the contact frost-protection sensor placed onto the return side of the coil. Below 7°C return water temperature the air handling unit is stopped, the dampers will close, the heating circulation pump is in operation, the heating valve operator receives ‘full open’ command. The heating coil is always kept warm, the temperature of the returning water is controlled to 25°C even in the switched- off position of the device.


Plex air handling units are delivered ready to go with a plug and play design. The power cable is equipped with a power plug. When a standard compact unit is delivered, only the supply air temperature sensors need to be installed in supply air duct before startup.

Demand-controlled ventilation

Plex air handling units can automatically start from a standby state, if the enabled demand-controlled function is requesting ventilation. A total of four demand control functions are available in the software, which can be configured independently from each other. The Airvent developed WAVe function enables automatic periodic ventilation during standby state. With a connection of external motion sensors the presence function can start the ventilation, when motion is detected and preserve operation state for a set time delay. In case of optional humidity or air quality sensors are installed, humidity and air quality functions will start ventilation automatically, if the indoor air quality is not acceptable.


EasyLink is a brand new, revolutionary and patented assembly system specially designed for Plex air handling unit series. As the name implies it is a simple, elegant and accurate method of connecting or disconnecting the air handling modules from the outside with a regular screwdriver tool in just a few minutes. EasyLink steers the modules to the correct position, is extremely solid and prevents leakage.


DUAL door hinges

DUAL zsanér

The inspection doors of our air handling units are as standard equipped with DUAL, a flexible handle-hinge device. DUAL enables the inspection doors to be opened both to the left and to the right side, or if the space is limited on site, the door can easily be removed. This makes the maintenance and cleaning of the units a lot easier for the operator.

Panels, framework and base frame

The framework of Plex air handling units is made of strong, solid aluminum profiles with aluminum corner fittings. The covering panel structure is between 30-55 mm thick. Its material is sheet steel with ALC (alu-zinc) coating equipped with glass wool insulation. Upon request Plex units can be delivered with a base frame with adjustable feet made of aluminum. For outdoor installation an outdoor set is available with roof and inlet/outlet grilles.

Features 01

Rotary heat recovery

Plex air handling units can be equipped with rotary heat recovery units. These rotors are all Eurovent certified and operate with a very high heating and cooling energy recovery efficiency (up to 95%). Another great advantage of rotary heat recoverys is the short installation length, which is optimal for machine rooms with limited space. The rotors used for Airvent's Plex series have as standard variable speed regulation and operation control functions, as well as a cleaning sector to prevent the leakage of exhaust air into the supply air. Hygroscopic surface is an option.

Counterflow plate heat exchanger

Counterflow plate heat exchanger

Plex air handling units can also be equipped with counterflow plate heat exchangers in an all aluminum design. These heat exchangers are Eurovent certified and operate with a very high heating and cooling energy recovery efficiency. The main task of the heat exchanger is to is take the heat from the indoor (exhaust) air through the separated aluminum channels within the heat exchanger which uses this energy to heat or cool the outdoor (supply) air which is taken in. The heat exchanger does not return any odors or moisture back into the fresh room air. The counterflow plate heat recovery units are equipped with a by-pass branch and stainless steel driptray.



All Plex ventilation units are equipped with energy-efficient (low power) direct driven supply and exhaust air fans with EC motors. The motors have an integrated variable speed control, which provides high efficiency even in lower speed range. Several ventilation intensities can be selected using the Airvent CA-Plex control display panel. Apart from energy efficient demand control ventilation options, four basic ventilation intensities (reduced, normal, forced and special) are available, as standard. To facilitate maintenance, the fan housing is produced in an easily removable design.

Features 02

Heating and cooling

The heating and cooling coils applied in Plex units are produced in a conventional design of aluminum fins pressed on copper tubes. Each coil is selected according to the required parameters and optimized for its working point. The special plastic profile of the droplet eliminator’s lamellas is made of environment-friendly recycled material. Electric heaters are made of stainless steel tubular heating elements for high surface temperature. They are provided with double thermal protection and integrated control equipment.



Our well-known, high quality sound attenuators are produced either with fixed or removable acoustics panels for easy cleaning. The attenuators are configured with regards to the noise level of the source and the required level of noise reduction on the premise. The attenuators, which come integrated in the Plex air handling unit’s casings are available from 500 to 1500 millimeters lengths.

Filter sections


The air filters in a ventilation system shall prevent dust and other impurities from reaching the premises. They must also protect sensitive components in the air handling unit, such as air heaters, air coolers and heat exchangers from contamination. The separation performance can vary significantly between various types of filter. Their capacity for retaining dust also varies substantially. It is therefore important to replace fouled filters with new filters of the same quality and capacity as the originals.


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