The year 2013 is the beginning of a new era for Airvent. Based on our extensive, 18 years of experience and knowledge gathered in the manufacturing and distribution of air handling units, we set out to develop a brand new line of units under the new name, Plex. The main target in the development process was to use a wide range of creative engineering solutions, while preserving the excellent quality and reliable characteristic that Airvent products are known for. One of our innovations we are really proud of is EasyLink. This is a new and patented assembly system, for a simple and elegant way of connecting or disconnecting the sections of the air handling units, without having to enter the modules.

Main features

- A practical and wide range of sizes and functional options
- Compact or modular designs
- Airflow range from 1200 to 30000 m3/h
- Airvent designed aluminum profile framework, connected with aluminum corners. 
- Aluzink coated double wall panel casing with insulation
- EasyLink, a revolutionary and patented, easy-to-use module assembly system
- DUAL, a special hinge-handle, which enables the inspection panels of the unit to be opened in either direction, or to be removed by opening the handles on both sides of the door
- Rotary, plate or coil heat recovery system with high efficiency
- Direct driven, energy efficient plug fans with variable speed regulation and low SFP value
- Control system that ensures to operate the units with the highest energy efficiency
- Optional casing with increased sound- and thermo-insulation

For further information please download our brochure, or contact one of our sales offices.