AltiPlex R


AltiPlex R is an Airvent developed compact indoor air handling unit, with all of the air connections placed on the top of the unit. With AltiPlex, the installation area can be reduced with up to 70 %, saving valuable square meters. The unit, as standard, is supplied with a highly efficient rotary heat exchanger, EC fans for supply and extract air, F6/F5 filters, and built-in control equipment. In addition, a heating coil, water- or DX air cooler can also be placed within the unit.  

Main features

- Direct driven EC fans
- Rotary heat exchanger
- Due to its top connection, AltiPlex R requires only a small space for installation
- Equipped with F6/F5 filters as standard
- built-in control equipment
- AltiPlex is delivered in one or in three separate sections, depending on the unit size
- Simple installation and fast startup
- Energy efficient operation and low running cost

Airflow range

1200-7200 m3/h