KDL is a circular supply air diffuser suitable for comfort ventilation. KDL is mounted exposed below the ceiling, and is optimal for applications such as schools, offices, etc. The unit is recommended for VAV-systems. KDL can be positioned at a maximum height of 8 m (active part), and is manufactured in a maximum length of 2,5 m. Recommended max. ∆t: -10 ℃

Sizes: ∅200 - ∅500.

Main features

- Circular supply air diffuser
- 1- or 2-way air distribution pattern
- Concentrated or diffused airstream
- Excellent ventilation efficiency

Material & finish

Casing of galvanized sheet steel, supplied with several perforations options. Powder coated in standard RAL 9003 white color, with a rubber sealing on the duct connection.