The PassiveAir passive chilled beam can be used in all types of premises where supplementary cooling is required.
By absorbing heat, mainly through natural convection, PassiveAir maintains the room temperature at an even level, securing an optimal thermal comfort, and works best in areas where heating and ventilation have already been installed. PassiveAir is designed for suspended installation, and due to the the low height of the product it is suitable for most type of premises.

Main features

- Energy efficient high performance
- Cooling capacity up to 455 W/m at ∆t = 10 K
- Silent operation
- Suspended installation
- No moving parts

Material & finish

The elegant design of the aluminium side profiles and front plates makes the product blend into its environment. PassiveAir is a convector inclosed in a painted aluminium casing with a perforated front made from aluminium. The heat exchanger is made of copper tubes with uniquely designed aluminium fins. The casing is powder coated with a RAL 9003 color.

Capacity range

50 - 455 W/m