The HotelAir active chilled beam is a one-way induction type air-conditioning unit developed specially for hotel applications. HotelAir is primarily designed to ventilate, cool and/or heat buildings, where a comfortable climate and individual room control is needed.

Main features

- Specifically developed for hotels room applications
- Energy efficient high performance operation
- Elegant, integrated exterior design
- Aluminum supply air grille
- Perforated return grille
- Silent operation 

Material & finish

The connection and plenum air box are made of galvanized steel. The visible perforated front plate and frame is powder coated aluminium and sheet steel painted in standard white RAL 9003 colour. The coil has copper tubes and aluminium fins. Square or circular pattern as standard perforation options. AG or DH aluminum grille powder coated in RAL 9003. The return grille is perforated in either square or circular patterns. 

Airflow range

10- 35 l/s