About Us

Airvent is a family-owned company, founded in 1990. We have more than 30 years of industry experience in engineering and manufacturing ventilation and air-conditioning products. Our mission is to create solutions for an energy efficient, comfortable and healthy indoor climate for housing, public and industry demands. We operate sales offices in several locations throughout Hungary and Europe. Our headquarters and manufacturing plant is located in Kecskemét, Hungary.



We develop, design and manufacture innovative indoor climate and control solutions on a high technical level. We aim to supply streamlined products and systems offering the best functionality and build quality. Today, Airvent’s broad product lines consist of air handling units, chilled beams, VAV units, ventilation products and components, operational software and automatic control systems. We believe in building long term relationships with our customers and partners, and we always look for new challenges, whether it involves completely customized technical solutions, or modifying standard products to best suit our customers’ requests. 



Our flexible production facilities can accommodate many specially customized solutions. Through our dedicated team we are able to provide an unparalleled level of service: from customer support, to project management and special solutions. Our manufacturing plant located in Kecskemét, Hungary, is ISO 9001 and 14001 certified. This means that we perform an ongoing quality assurance work in order to continuously minimize harmful effects on the environment and obtain additional improvements in environmental performance. By understanding and respecting our partners’ busy schedules, and by controlling both the manufacturing as well as the distribution process we are able to take full responsibility for the design and quality of our products. 


Our partners

At Airvent we strongly believe that our products have to communicate our core values. By solving complex technical problems, we can simplify and add value to the life and work of our partners. In addition to our extensive care to design and produce energy efficient and environment friendly products, energy, in our view also means creating an environment within our company where our team is energetic, flexible and responsive. We are proud to support our customers with fast quotations, quick deliveries, and by solving difficult engineering problems when needed. To be humble and stay firmly on our feet is something we strive towards. Care, honesty and well-being also helps in creating a healthy and open climate within our company.



Airvent is one of the leading Hungarian companies within production, sales and distribution of ventilation and air-conditioning products. We have a responsibility to actively contribute to the sustainable development of our social, economic and natural environment.


To obtain a sustainable and responsible business, we strive to reflect our commitment to development in all fields of activity and operations. From carefully selecting our suppliers, the responsible waste management, the manufacturing of products, to the processes relating our customers. We are as passionate about the environment as we are about our product and system designs. Energy efficiency is a matter we care deeply about.


At Airvent, we are proud to protect our environment in a devoted and committed manner. Together with our motivated team we continously work to improve our Quality & Environment related processes. Our mission is to carry out our operations in conformity within the relevant environmental protection rules, to govern and evaluate the processes of our impact on the environment, the tasks and responsibilities regarding the procurement of hazardous materials and the activities relating to waste management. We train and motivate our employees in completing the tasks necessary for implementing and operating our environment-centered system.

Working conditions

One of our ambitions at Airvent is to be a responsible and reliable employer. The whole of our team should see and sense our commitment to provide healthy and safe working conditions. In the process of establishing well-organized workplaces, we also strive to contribute to each individuals performance and motivation. We can proudly state that all of our employees at Airvent work together like a large family. 

Quality and innovation

Due to our innovation and quality strategy, we are considered to be a reliable partner in the global ventilation and air-conditioning market. Our main focus has always been to develop energy efficient indoor climate solutions that stand the test of time. Our innovation strategy includes product design, production processes, technological and organizational development. We have always demonstrated long term thinking, flexible attitude, and an ambition for active improvement. We strive to minimize the energy required for manufacturing, but also to extend the life cycle of our products as far as applicable.



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